Whonami-There are some ways to do with your domain names

There are some ways to do with your domain names

1. Domain names establish a unique identity in cyberspace.

2. Domain names can be resold, leased and bartered.

Aside from being used to identify a website, domain names can be resold to other companies or people, leased, or even bartered for other names or for goods or services. An entire industry has sprung up around the resale of domain names, with domain brokers acting as middlemen in the sales process. The profits from a successful sale can be enormous compared to the original value of the name. In fact, some domains have sold for over $1 million and cost under $10 to register!
However, there are many more sellers than buyers, making it difficult to locate a potential purchaser for a given domain name. There are also too few quality names, so the more valuable names often get buried in a mass of low-quality listings on domain brokerage sites. If you want to dabble with making money from buying and selling domain names, check out our domain investment guide for more information. You should always keep in mind that the vast majority of registered domain names have little to no resale value .

3. Domain names can be used to provide a unique, permanent email address.

4. Domain names can be used to improve a site’s ranking in search engines.

Even though the rules by which search engines “rank” sites change often, search engines generally favor sites with their own domain names over sites that do not have a domain name of their own (for instance, a MySpace page or WordPress blog hosted on the service’s site). Most search engines also give increased relevancy to domain names that contain “keywords” that people search for. For example, a search engine might rate a site with the domain name “FreeStuffGuide.com” higher than a site with the domain name “FreeBuyGuide.com” for the search “free stuff” since the first domain name contains the actual search terms. In addition, Google provides an exact match bonus used for determining search results if the search terms and the domain name’s SLD are an exact match. This provides a huge benefit over domains who’s Websites have many more favorable SEO characteristics such as Page Rank and Back Links.


Whonami-Non .com gTLDs Highest Reported Domain Sales – Oct. 26, 2015 – Nov. 1, 2015

Non .com gTLDs Highest Reported Domain Sales – Oct. 26, 2015 – Nov. 1, 2015.

The Non .Com gTLDs cheap domain registration sales were led by a half dozen five-figure sales that were listed in the all extension section above. JR.net set the pace with an impressive $55,000 sale at NameJet. The biggest sales in this group that you haven’t seen yet are a pair of .top domains that fill the 7th and 8th places on our latest weekly Non .Com gTLD Top 20 Sales Chart. Those are Best.top at$9,474 and Good.top at $7,895, with both of those handled by the Jiangsu Bangningregistrar.

Rounding out the top ten are Sedo’s $6,000 sale of Mama.club and NameJet’s $5,865 sale of9F.net.

The extension race wound up in a dead heat with the .nets and .clubs each taking seven spots on the elite list. Here’s how all of the Non .Com gTLD leaders stacked up for the week ending Sunday, Nov. 1:

No Domain Sold For Where Sold
1 JR.net $55,000 NameJet
2 VIP.club $40,000 .CLUB Registry
3 The.club $19,000 RightOfTheDot
4 Steam.net $17,250 Sedo/SnapNames
5 MJ.club $15,000 .CLUB Registry
6 BetStars.net $10,000 Pvt Sale
7 Best.top $9,474 Jiangsu Bangning
8 Good.top $7,895 Jiangsu Bangning
9 Mama.club $6,000 Sedo
10 9F.net $5,865 NameJet
11 Backup.net $5,601 NameJet
12 Repair.org $5,145 Sedo
13 Gadgets.org $5,087 NameJet
14 Cool.house $5,000 RedefineWeb/
tie GoDaddyAuctions
14 Traffic.club $5,000 Key-Systems
14 Diesel.club $5,000 GoDaddyAuctions
14 Tour.club $5,000 GoDaddyAuctions
18 GPX.net $4,800 Sedo
18 SAO.net $4,800 Sedo
20 321.top $4,737 Jiangsu Bangning
20 528.top $4,737 Jiangsu Bangning

Whonami- .country codes domain top 10 chart reported in the DN Journal from Oct 12 to Oct 18, 2015

No. Domain Sold For (USD) Where Sold
1 Treu.de $33,900 Sedo
2 Thermobox.de $16,950 Sedo
3 Box.tv $15,498 Sedo
4 Easy.tv $13,500 Pvt Sale
5 ER.uk $10,850 DomainLore.co.uk
6 Insurance.com.sg $9,990 Sedo
7 RentACar.ae $7,616 Sharjil Saleem/Munir Badr
8 Be.TV $7,000 Domains90210
8 WN.tv $7,000 Pvt Sale
10 Bootsversicherung.de $6,780 Sedo

Cheap domain registration, .country codes top 10, stading at No.1 is Treu.de was sold 33,900 usd.

Whonami-Hosted with WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service but IP Addresses for Domains Registered Elsewhere

If your domain is registered somewhere else, but you’re hosting your website with us, you can connect your domain name to your website by pointing your domain name to your website’s IP address.

This will not change your domain name’s email service to WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service. If you plan on using WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service for your email, we recommend using your website’s nameservers instead of its IP address.

How you find your website’s IP address depends on which product you’re using for your website:

Service Where to find your nameservers…
Website Builder v7 Find your IP address
Website Builder v6 Viewing Your Website Builder Account’s IP Address
cPanel shared hosting What is my website’s IP address?
Plesk shared hosting What is my website’s IP address?
Web & Classic Hosting What is my website’s IP address?
Managed WordPress Find your website’s IP address (DNS)
Quick Content Quick Content does not support using IP addresses; instead use its nameservers

Changing the IP address for .COM and .NET domains can take 4-8 hours to display on the internet. All other types of domains can take up to 48 hours.