Whonami-Top 10 .com domain names sold up to 2015

In business, branding is everything ! The best domain names are GOLD ! And remember: there is no email without a domain name ! No domain names, no Internet. A memorable domain name means a lot for a business’s traffic and overall success. From 1992 a number of visionary people went on to register lots of .com domain names.

Domain Names Price Sold in
CarInsurance.com $49,700,000 2010
Insurance.com $35,600,000 2010
VacationRentals.com $35,000,000 2007
PrivateJet.com $30,180,000 2012
Internet.com $18,000,000 2009
360.com $17,000,000 2015
Insure.com $16,000,000 2009
Sex.com $13,000,000 2010
IRS.com $12,500,000 2007
Hotels.com $11,000,000 2001

Whonami-How to change nameservers for your domain names?

Nameservers control where your domain name reaches out when visitors access it. When you register a domain name, we set it to our “parked” nameservers, which just display a temporary page. However, you got a domain name to make a website and might need to change your nameservers to connect it to your domain name.

Which nameservers you need to use depends on where it’s registered and where your website is hosted. For example, if your domain name is registered or hosted with us, use the Here information; if it’s registered with or hosted by another company, use theElsewhere information.

Setting your nameservers can be a complicated task. These guidelines will ideally help you through the process, but we want to encourage you to reach out to our 24/7 technical support team at (480) 505-8877 should you experience any confusion or difficulties.

Domain? Website? Use these instructions…
Here Here You can use our standard DNS configuration outlined inSet nameservers for domains hosted & registered with us.
Here Elsewhere First, get your nameservers from your other hosting and then set them using Set custom nameservers for domains registered with us.
Elsewhere Here Find your site’s nameservers using Nameservers for domains registered elsewhere/hosted with WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service and then provide them to your domain name’s registrar.
Elsewhere Off-Site DNS Off-Site DNS lets you use our DNS manager if your domain name is neither registered nor hosted with us. For information about setting this up, see Managing Domain Names with Off-site DNS
Here VPS/Dedicated
You can create your own nameservers by registering “hosts” for your domain name using Creating your own nameserver (registering your own domain hosts). After creating the hosts, see Set custom nameservers for domains registered with us.

After updating your nameservers, allow 4 to 8 hours for other networks to access information for .com and .net domain names, and allow 24 to 48 hours for other networks to access information for all other domain extensions.

Whonami-What is protected registration for your domain names?

Protected Registration is a premium service you can apply to many of the domain names you purchase or already registered with us. The service helps ensure that you retain registration of your domain name, regardless of expiration dates or attempts to transfer. Domain names with protected registration will automatically renew. The renewal settings cannot be changed and the service cannot be canceled without the listed registrant submitting documentation.

With Protected Registration, you receive:

  • Domain Name Ownership Protection — Protects you from losing your domain name if you forget to renew it, or if we can’t charge your credit card. If you fail to renew your domain name, we hold it for up to one year. During that time, your domain name is in an inactive, protected status with a parked page. We do not keep your related services running if your domain name renewal lapses. To rescue the domain name during the protected status period, you must pay any renewal fees for your domain name and Protected Registration.
  • Deadbolt Transfer Protection — Puts your domain name on lockdown, making it impossible for any inadvertent, accidental, or malicious transfer. Unlike regular domain name locking, which occurs at the registry level, Deadbolt Transfer Protection offers an even higher level of security — we lock your domain name in your account.
  • Ownership Protection Reports — Annual domain name status report and email updates help you keep track of vital domain name information.
  • Private Registration — Typically when you register a domain name, your contact information is publicly available. Private Registration shields your personal information from public view. You control who reaches you and when.
  • Business Registration — Business Registration offers you a complete, online advertising listing that is instantly available to everyone who searches for your domain name in the Whois database.

Whonami-You can manage DNS for your domain names

You can change which service your domain name uses for its website and email by managing its DNS (Domain Name System) settings. You don’t need to know many of the details to use this article, but you can find more information in What is DNS?

Using our DNS Manager, you can change your domain name’s DNS settings (stored in something called a zone file). You can use our DNS Manager if:

  • Your domain name is registered through us and uses our nameservers (more info)
  • Your domain name is registered somewhere else and you set up Off-Site DNS (more info)

If your domain name doesn’t fall into either of these categories, you can contact the company that controls your domain’s nameservers to control its DNS/zone file settings.

Premium DNS Users: Instead of these instructions, see Managing Premium DNS for Your Domain Names.

Accessing the DNS Zone File

How you access your domain’s DNS Zone File depends on a few things:

Situation Use these instructions
Registered with WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service and using our nameservers See the directions in the 2nd table below for each corresponding Zone File you would like to add or edit
Hosted by but not registered with WHONAMI-Cheap Domain Registration Service Manage DNS for your hosting account
Using Off-Site DNS Managing Domain Names with Off-site DNS
Premium DNS Managing Premium DNS for Your Domain Names

Working with individual zone file records

Click on the corresponding link for the type of Zone File you would like to add or edit:

Type of Record Add, Edit or Delete
A Record Add; Edit; Delete
CNAME Record Add; Edit; Delete
MX Record Add; Edit; Delete
TXT Record Add; Edit; Delete
SPF Record Add; Edit; Delete
SRV Record Add; Edit; Delete
AAAA Record Add; Edit; Delete
NS Record Add; Edit; Delete

Any DNS changes you make can take up to 48 hours to reflect on the Internet.

Whonami-How to make private contact information for Domain Names

When you add Private Registration to your domain names, Domains By Proxy® (DBP) hides your personal contact information from the public. In other words, DBP’s contact information replaces your personal contact information in the Whois database.

In your DBP account, you can update the your personal contact information and the underlying contact information for your domain names. You can have the same contact information for every domain name, or you can update the contact information for each domain name individually. When you update contact information in your DBP account, it remains hidden from the public.

You can also update your email forwarding preferences to determine how DBP sends information to you.