Domain Name Registration Services

The Domain Name Registration product family addresses what will likely become the core of your business as the products enable your customers to take the crucial first step in establishing a Web presence: Finding and securing a domain name for their Web sites. The following overview will acquaint you with the available offerings in the Domain Name Registration product family.

The Domain Name Registration product family addresses what will likely become the core
of your business as the products enable your customers to take the crucial first step in
establishing a Web presence: Finding and securing a domain name for their Web sites.
The domain name registration product family includes the following offerings:
  • Domain name registrations and transfers.
  • Private domain registrations (via Domains By Proxy®).
  • Domain backordering (DomainAlert® Pro
Domain Name Registrations and Transfers
Product Overview
Domain name registration is the process of reserving the rights to an Internet domain for a predetermined amount of time. Domains are generally registered one—10 years. A domain transfer moves the registration of a domain name from one registrar to another. The following domain extensions (i.e., top-level domains (TLDs)) are currently available
for registration and/or transfer:
.biz .com .info .jobs .net .org .am .cc
Country-Code TLDs
.cn/    .tw/    .de .eu .fm .gs .jp .ms .nu .nw .tc .tk .us .vg
Customer Benefits
  • The first step in establishing a Web presence.
  • Large variety of available TLDs.
How it Works
The domain name registration process begins with a search for available names. Once a domain has been registered or transferred an intuitive interface allows the registrant to perform all domain-related maintenance functions.
Private Domain Registrations
Product Overview
Private registration allows a domain name registrant to keep his/her personal information out of the Whois database, thus shielding the registrant’s identity from the public eye. Private domain registrations are managed through Domains By Proxy®, which is also the entity whose contact information will appear in the Whois database for the privately-
registered domain. Your customer retains all rights to the domain registration; Domains By Proxy simply serves as the intermediary (or “proxy”) between the domain registrant and any outside correspondence.
Customer Benefits
  • Registrant’s identity not available to the public.
  • Registrant’s personal information cannot be captured and exploited.
  • Shields registrant from Whois database mining (i.e., the process of scouring and
  • collecting data for personal or commercial purposes).
  • Patent-pending email forwarding system filters domain-related spam.
How it Works
During the domain name registration process, the customers may choose to make the registration private. The Domains By Proxy Web site allows private-registration customers to modify account settings, track domain-related correspondence, etc.
DomainAlert® Pro
Product Overview
DomainAlert® Pro – Monitoring, Backordering and Investor’s Edge – is a family of products that helps users keep close watch over currently-registered domain names, providing timely and invaluable information on domain status, as well as securing the inside track on registering soon-to-expire domain registrations.
DomainAlert Monitoring alerts the user if and when a monitored domain becomes available and keeps him/her informed about changes to the domain’s
Whois information and registration period. DomainAlert Monitoring service can be applied to any domain name, regardless of its registrant and registrar.
DomainAlert Backordering allows the customer to “backorder” a domain, meaning that DomainAlert will attempt to register the domain on the user’s behalf as soon as its registration expires and the domain becomes available. DomainAlert Backordering includes DomainAlert Monitoring capabilities, as well.
DomainAlert Investor’s Edge helps the customer by maintaining a continually updated list of expiring domains from which the customer can select the one(s) he/she wishes to register upon expiration.
Customer Benefits
  • Best chance to register a desired, soon-to-be-expiring domain name.
  • Constantly monitors the expired-domain market.
  • Reports timely, accurate information.
  • Provides all the tools needed for speculation in the domain name market.
How it Works
Customers can choose between DomainAlert Monitoring, Backordering, and Investor’s Edge.