Whonami-.Club has been added 100K registration mark in two weeks

.Club Breaks 420,000 Registrations  and Club has been added 100K registration mark in two weeks.

According to Thedomains,  those registrations helped move .club to over 420,000 registrations according to ntldstats.com, which is 100,000 new domain names registrations since just two weeks ago,on November 14th where .club sat at 320,000 registered domain names.

I should remind you that expired  .club domain names continue to drop exclusively to Snapnames.com.

Also some of the best .club domain names in existence including Night.club, Strip.club,Athletic.club, Breakfast.club,  Bottle.Club, and Running.Club, are up for auction, many at no reserve, at the RightoftheDot.com auction being held as part of the Namescon conference.

Pre-bidding is opened on NameJet.com  for the .club domain names with Night.Club being the highest bid as of publication at $3,100.

Wine.club sold at last years Namescon conference for $140,000 which is still the highest reported sale for a new gTLD.


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