Whonami-According to ntldstats.com, .XYZ has more domain registrations than all of Donuts strings combined.

According to Thedomains, .XYZ Has More Domain Registrations Than Donuts 183 gTLD’s Combined

Donuts has 1,527,510 domain registrations according to ntldstats.com (including 35,306 which are upcoming delete) while .XYZ has 1,560,576 active domains according to namestat.org.

There are 183 new gTLD’s of Donuts in general availability (GA) meaning they can be registered on a first come first served basis

The most registered Donuts new gTLD is .Guru with over 67,000 registrations.

The least registered Donuts new gTLD in GA is .memorial which has just 453 registrations.

It cost Donuts $185,000 to apply with ICANN for each of the 183 new gTLD’s which totals almost $34 Million dollars.  Many of these new domain extension were applied for by others meaning that Donuts had to win them some of them in auction.

and as there were no other applications there was no auction.

Each new gTLD carries an annual minimum cost $25,000 meaning it will cost Donuts over $4.5 million a year just in ICANN fees.

(Note: Donuts has more than 183 new domain strings but only 183 are fully launched into GA)

Actually the 4 new gTLD’s with the most registrations, .XYZ, .Top, .Wang and .Win all had a single application filed with ICANN.

Those 4 extensions have a total of over 3.5 million registrations or around 35% of all new gTLD registrations.

Of course the business model for .XYZ, .Top, .Wang and .Win are all quite different from Donuts which includes premium domain name registration and renewals.

But the numbers all around are sure interesting.


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