Whonami-Top 20 domain names sales in 2014 reported by DNJournal

It took a minimum of $358,000 to qualify Top 20 domain names sales in 2014, standing at no1 is Z.com with $6,784,000. Here is how the year’s top sellers across all extensions stacked up

NO Domain Sold For Where Sold Date
1 Z.com $6,784,000 Pvt Sale 11/26/2014
2 MI.com $3,600,000 Pvt Sale 4/23/2014
3 Whisky.com $3,100,000 Castello Brothers 3/5/2014
4 Sex.xxx $3,000,000 ICM Registry 6/4/2014
5 Youxi.com $2,430,000 Pvt Sale 3/5/2014
6 37.com $1,960,800 Pvt Sale 3/12/2014
7 Power.com $1,261,000 Scott Smith/ 11/12/2014
8 MM.com $1,200,000 Sedo 7/11/2014
9 QNB.com $1,000,000 Pvt Sale 12/10/2014
9 Check.com $1,000,000 Pvt Sale 8/27/2014
9 BTC.com $1,000,000 DomainGuardians 8/6/2014
12 100.com $950,000 Pvt Sale 2/26/2014
13 Wan.com $800,000 Pvt Sale 1/29/2014
14 Teamwork.com $675,000 Pvt Sale 1/22/2014
15 Game.cn $512,307 .CN Registry Auction 1/22/2014
16. DataCenter.com $500,000 Sedo 6/4/2014
16. Mobile.net $500,000 DomainNameSales 4/9/2014
18 Symphony.com $375,000 AbdulBasit.com/ 6/18/2014
19 Digital.com $373,750 Heritage Auctions 9/10/2014
20 PY.com $358,000 Heritage Auctions 7/24/2014

Whonami-Additional Sedo ccTLD(country code top level domain names) Sales Between $1,045 – $2,000 in Oct.2015

There were many more four-figure ccTLD (country code top level domain names) sales off the chart led by Sedo’s $2,500 sale ofWhiteLabel.io. They added $2,199 for Drive-By.de and $2,044 for Phablet.de.

Sedo had 25 more four-figure ccTLD sales ranging from $1,045 to $2,000 that are listed in the table below:

rt.su $2,000 c.gs $1,300
databank.de $1,760 jrt.cc $1,288
autokaufvertrag.de $1,650 syma.fr $1,285
caterwings.be $1,650 t.mx $1,250
oo.to $1,650 jours.fr $1,155
schuldentilgung.de $1,650 pinkpanda.de $1,100
gruenzig.de $1,430 bonzai.eu $1,099
furets.fr $1,419 deinteam.de $1,089
jarretiere.fr $1,419 alw.co.za $1,050
b6.de $1,387 kuendigungsvorlage.de $1,045
appian.de $1,320 kuendigungsvorlagen.de $1,045
easymax.de $1,320 wondy.it $1,045
ferienwohnung-duhnen.de $1,320

(Reported by DNJournal)

Whonami-Amado Martin Benitez purchased the domain name :Viajes.com

Reported by DNJournal:

You may not have heard of Barcelona, Spain based domain name investor/developer Amado Martin Benitez before, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing the 33-year-old entrepreneur’s name everywhere in the near future. In 2012 Benitez managed to acquire one of the world’s best Spanish language domain names – Viajes.com (“Travel” in Spanish) for €400,000. After more than two years of painstaking development work, Benitez’s company has launched a new site on the premier domain that he is confident will make him a power in the huge travel markets serving Spain and Latin America.

Benitez said acquiring Viajes.com involved some of the hardest negotiating he has ever been involved with because the seller, legendary South American domain investor Chris Chena, is a guy who is fully aware of what great Spanish keyword domains are worth. Benitez recalled, “Chris had just sold Juegos.com toSpill Games for $10 million. I was trying to negotiate the price of Viajes.com with him for at least a year and a half… but then the global economic crisis hit and we were able to work things out – plus, I’ve always been a saver and I had some cash to spend!,” Benitez laughed.

Whonami-You should choose the right top level domain names

Up to April 2010 there are over 83 million .com domain names registered!

You can choose between many different types of domain name extensions, but the most popular by far (and often considered the most “valuable” as well – if you are considering domain names as an investment) is the .com extension. The vast majority of large companies use .com domain names and they’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars branding the .com the right top level domain names in the minds of web users worldwide. In fact, .com names are so widespread that many people don’t even know that other domain extensions exist!

.Com domains can be bought or sold by anyone. Consider them the equivalent of prime real-estate on the Internet. Most companies place a premium on having a .com name over any other domain extension.

Other generic international TLDs (also called gTLDs) include .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, and .pro. They’ve each earned a certain level of respect as top-level domains. You can think of these other extensions as distant cousins to the almighty .com. They may seem less desirable to a .com, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, the availability of these other TLDs allows webmasters to get a domain that would not have been able to otherwise get.

In terms of functionality, all of the above extensions are equal. This means that having a.com won’t help a website rank higher in search engines of get a higher ‘click-through’ rate.  However, in terms of investment, the .com domains bring a significantly higher ROI. Statistically, .com names are worth more than 7 times what .net equivalents are worth.

Whonami-Top-Level Domains Names (TLD): gTLD, sTLD, uTLD, ccTLD

You’ll find lots of different top-level domains names out there, from the most recognizable (.com) to industry-specific (.mobi), and even country-specific top domains such as United Kingdom (.uk), Germany (.de – derived from Deutschland) and Italy (.it). Every domain name is registered under a TLD of some kind, and the following section describes those TLDs in more detail.

  gTLD – Generic Top-Level Domains are the most common and the most sought after names. These include .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and several others.
ccTLD – Country Code Top-Level Domains that were created specifically for a single country’s use. That country can put any sort of restrictions on it that they choose. Some countries only allow citizens to register domains under their ccTLD. Other countries ‘rent’ their TLD out for use by the global public, as in the case with .cc, the official ccTLD for the Cocos Islands, .ws, the official ccTLD for Western Samoa, and .tv, the official ccTLD for Tuvalu.
   sTLD – Sponsored Top-Level Domains are actually a subdivision of gTLDs. These names are controlled by specific agencies within an industry. For example, .museum is a sTLD regulated by the Museum Domain Management Association. They reserve the TLD for museum websites.
  uTLD – Unsponsored Top-Level Domains consist of all the gTLDs that aren’t sponsored. That would include .com and .info. This term is very rarely used. Generally, when someone refers to a generic TLD, they are talking about the unsponsored ones.

Whonami-When you register a domain name, you become the owner of that domain name.

Cheap-domain-namesWhen you register a domain name, you are actually paying for the right to use that domain name for a defined period of time, usually between 1 and 10 years. You will have to pay a renewal fee, after your initial registration period expires, to continue using the name or face losing control of the domain name.

You do not automatically have the right to keep the name forever, although in practice, as long as you continue paying the annual fees and the name does not infringe on a trademark or service mark, it is essentially yours until you decide that you no longer want it.

Whonami- You can’t get rich immediately from purchasing and reselling domain names


You can make money by purchasing and reselling domain names and there is an entire industry of domainers that make a living from this practice. However, the single most common misconception is that a single domain name will make you rich. While some domain names have sold for very large sums of money and a few have changed hands for over $1 million, well over 90% of names offered for sale never find a buyer.

This is the reality that most domain name owners often forget: unless a domain name is truly exceptional or otherwise desirable, it may never sell in the aftermarket. At the same time, most domain name owners place high, somewhat unrealistic prices on their domain names, which encourages the perception that all domain names are valuable. It’s important to keep in mind that most of these names are failing to sell at the prices asked.

You can make money in the domaining industry, and as a matter of fact, many people do. The key is to study the industry and invest wisely. As with any business or investment, it requires a tremendous amount of research and work to be successful.

Whonami-The top 20 biggest cash domain names sales by DNJournal from 2003 up to Feb. 2015.

The All-Time Top 20 All-Cash Domain Names Sales Reported By DNJournal

 1. Sex.com $13,000,000  11. MI.com $3,600,000
2. Fund.com $9,999,950  12. Whisky.com $3,100,000
3. Porn.com $9,500,000 13. (tie) Sex.xxx $3,000,000
 4. Porno.com $8,888,888 13. (tie) Vodka.com $3,000,000
5. Diamond.com $7,500,000 15. Shopping.de $2,858,945*
6. Z.com $6,784,000 16. CreditCards.com $2,750,000
7 Slots.com $5,500,000  17. KK.com $2,700,000
8. Toys.com $5,100,000  18. Social.com $2,600,000
9. Clothes.com $4,900,000 19. Investing.com $2,450,000
10. IG.com $4,700,000 20. Youxi.com $2,430,000

The Reported Country Code Domain Name Sales Top 10 from Oct 19 to oct 25, 2015 by DNJournal

The domain name was standing at No. 1 is Watches.ca at $20,000 and the 2 nd is Fast.io at $15,000.

Germany’s .de won the extension race with two chart entries. Great Britain’s .uk was the same with 2 . Canada’s .ca also had a big week with three of the top five sales.

No. Domain Sold For Where Sold
1 Watches.ca $20,000 eMall.ca/
2 Fast.io $15,000 Park.io
3 PetSupplies.ca $9,500 eMall.ca/
4 Prediction.de $8,800 Sedo
5 Parfum.ca $8,000 eMall.ca/
6 Dooh.de $7,150 Sedo
7 DE.uk   $6,506 DomainLore.co.uk
8 PLP.cn $6,000 Sedo
8 Nano.tv $5,500 Sedo
10 Quit.co.uk   $5,321 DomainLore.co.uk