Whonami- How to set up domain name with DomainSponsor parking?

Traffic can be pointed to the DomainSponsor service using DNS redirection. Create a DS account

To use DNS redirection, follow these steps:

First Step: Add cheap domain names to your DomainSponsor admin panel
Next step: DNS change at your registrar admin panel

Point your domains to these name servers at your registrar.

Primary Name Server: NS1.DSREDIRECTION.COM
Primary IP Address:

Secondary Name Server: NS2.DSREDIRECTION.COM
Secondary IP Address:

Whonami-How to park your cheap domain names with Sedo?

1. Create a Sedo account
2. Add your domain(s) to your account
3. Redirect your domain traffic to Sedo

Setting up domain name redirection to Sedo

Assuming your cheap domain names is hosted by your registrar (www.whonami.com, www.luckyregister.com, etc.) or another hosting provider, simply log in to your registrar account and forward your domain traffic using following method:

 Name Server Forwarding (also known as DNS servers)
Primary Server Name: NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM
Primary Server Name: NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM


Whonami-Year-to-Date top 20 domain names sales in all extensions up to Oct 2015 by DN Journal

No Domain Sold For (USD) Where Sold Date*
1 Porno.com $8,888,888 Pvt Sale 2/4/2015
2 PX.com $1,000,000 MediaOptions 9/9/2015
2 588.com $1,000,000 4.cn 9/23/2015
4 899.com $801,000 Pvt Sale 9/16/2015
5 345.com $800,000 MostWantedDomains 1/7/2015
6 GJ.com $694,095 NameJet 10/7/2015
7 NL.com $575,000 Heritage Domains 3/4/2015
8 SX.com $555,050 NameJet 8/14/2015
9 QE.com $554,000 eNaming/MediaOptions 7/22/2015
10 Give.com $500,000 Sedo 7/29/2015
11 358.com $480,000 SnapNames 9/9/2015
12 QUA.com $459,000 Pvt Sale 5/6/2015
13 Rangers.com $375,000 DomainNameSales 2/11/2015
14 HomeCare.com $350,000 NamesCon/ 1/28/2015
RightOfTheDot Auction
15 Heika.com $300,000 Sedo 2/25/2015
16. PPP.com $290,000 Guta.com 4/24/2015
17 TV.se $265,149 Tradera 1/22/2015
18 Werk.com $250,000 DomainNameSales 2/11/2015
18 Connaught.com $250,000 DomainHoldings 2/4/2015
20 ErectileDysfunction.com $241,000 DomainNameSales 2/11/2015

The domain names Porno.com is standing at no 1 with sold for $8,888,888. That was a new gTLD – 8.top – that sold for $79,000 at the Jiangsu Bangning registrar. .Top has proven to be popular with Chinese buyers who also love numeric domains – especially the number 8 which is considered to be especially lucky.

Whonami-How to fix DNS issues for new hosting accounts

When you set up your hosting account, we’ll let you know if your cheap domain name‘s DNS settings do not point to it. This means the content you uploaded will not display until you update your domain name’s DNS settings.

If you don’t want your new site to start displaying for everyone, don’t change the DNS settings. If you want to make sure your new site looks good, check out Preview your website.

Once you’re ready to display your new site, you can update your DNS settings at your domain name’s registrar (i.e. the company where you registered it) in one of two ways:

  • A Record / IP Address — Updating your domain name’s primary A record (usually denoted by the @ symbol) does not change any of your other DNS settings (e.g. email service). Use the IP address you find using What is my website’s IP address?.
  • Nameservers — Updating your domain name’s nameservers also changes all of your domain name’s DNS settings to our defaults (e.g. using our email service). Use the nameservers you find in Find your website’s nameservers.

These changes can take up to 48 hours to start displaying on the Internet.

If your domain name’s registered here, see Manage DNS for Your Domain Names orChange Nameservers for Your Domain Names.

Whonami-You can backorder domain names on Investor’s Edge

You can backorder domain names that you find on Investor’s Edge. Domain Backorders attempts to acquire domain names for you when they become available.

To Backorder Domain Names on Investor’s Edge

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
  3. From Buy/Sell, select Investor’s Edge.
  4. Select the domain names you want to backorder, and then Click Backorder.
  5. Select one of the following, and then click Next:
    • Public — If we acquire the domain name for you, this type of backorder lists your personal domain name registration contact information in the Whois database.
    • Private — If we acquire the domain name for you, this type of backorder publishes proxy contact information to the Whois database instead of your personal domain name registration contact information. For more information, see Domains By Proxy FAQ
  6. We send backorder notifications to the email address(es) listed here. If necessary, edit or add email address(es), and then click Next.
  7. If necessary, edit the domain name registration contact information we use if the backordered domain name becomes available, and then click Next.
  8. From the Number of credits to use list, select the number of credits you want to apply, and then click Next.

    NOTE: The number of credits in the list are the credits you have available for the transaction. If you do not have enough credits, we take you to the shopping cart to complete a Domain Backorders purchase. To complete setting up your domain name backorder, continue through the checkout process.

  9. If you selected expired domain names, select one of the following options to place bids on them, and then click Next:
    • Do not bid — This indicates not to place a bid on the expired domain names you selected.
    • Place same bid on all domains — Places a bid on each domain name you selected. The value of the bid is the same for each domain name.
    • Enter a separate bid for each domain — Places a bid on each domain name you selected. Specify the Maximum Bid for each domain name.
  10. Continue through the checkout process.
  11. If you selected Private backorder, complete the following:
    • Use existing account — If you already have an account with Domains By Proxy®, enter your User ID and Password for the account.
    • Create account — If you do not have an account, we request a Domains By Proxy account for you. After creating your account, Domains By Proxy emails you the user name and password to your new account.
    • I have read the Domain Name Proxy Agreement… — Select if you read and agree to the Domain Name Proxy Agreement.

Whonami-Non .Com gTLDs Top 10 Domain names Sales – Mon. Oct. 12, 2015 – Sun. Oct. 18, 2015 by DN Journal

No Domain names Sold for Place sold
1 8.top $79,000 Jiangsu Bangning
2 Beijing.biz $3,398 Sedo
3 Tourist.org $3,100 Flippa
4 1502.net $3,020 SnapNames
5 Derivati.net $2,599 Sedo
6 Babysitter.net $2,570 Flippa
7 JFL.net $2,500 Flippa
8 Storytelling.info $2,499 Sedo
9 Werbeartikel.kaufen $2,373 Sedo
10 Lid.net $2,275 Sedo

The Non .Com gTLDs had one big winner – 8.top – a domain name that not only topped this chart but also the all extension leader board above with its $79,000 sale. There was a steep drop after that one though with the next highest sale being Beijing.biz at $3,398 via Sedo. The next spot on our latest weekly Non .Com gTLD Top 20 Sales Chart went to Flippa’s $3,100 sale ofTourist.org.

Whonami-How to change your account’s domain names

In order to change the primary cheap domain names on a hosting account lets you change the domain name associated with account’s Web root directory.

There are something to remember: 

1- If you already added the domain name you want to use as your primary hosted domain name, you need to remove it first. You might also need to remove any subdomains of your primary domain name before you can change it. For more information, see Remove domains.

2- If you have an SSL certificate applied to your hosting account, you cannot change your primary hosted domain name without revoking your SSL. For more information, see Revoking an SSL Certificate.

3- WordPress® installations can break when you change your primary domain. If they do, see the instructions on WordPress’s site.

Log in to your Account Manager.
Click Web Hosting.
Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
From the More menu, select Hosted Domains.
Select your primary hosted domain, and then click Change Primary.
Enter the new primary domain for your account, and then click OK.

Whonami- Sub domain names

Sub domain names are not handled technically in the same way as regular domains (on the backend), for the most part they work the same way so far as the end user is concerned.

There are two significant reasons that sub domains are used: to allow users to register otherwise unavailable domain names or to organize large websites.
In the first instance, a sub domain is created when an existing domain owner allows you to register and use a new domain directly under their existing domain name, similar to how a regular Registry works.

These sub domains give the end user an opportunity to register a great sounding cheap domain name that would otherwise be unavailable at a regular Registry. Having been widely recognized and accepted by the Internet community, sub domain names are being used by many as their main website URL and are now being sold in the domain aftermarket as well.

Whonami- .country codes domain top 10 chart reported in the DN Journal from Oct 12 to Oct 18, 2015

No. Domain Sold For (USD) Where Sold
1 Treu.de $33,900 Sedo
2 Thermobox.de $16,950 Sedo
3 Box.tv $15,498 Sedo
4 Easy.tv $13,500 Pvt Sale
5 ER.uk $10,850 DomainLore.co.uk
6 Insurance.com.sg $9,990 Sedo
7 RentACar.ae $7,616 Sharjil Saleem/Munir Badr
8 Be.TV $7,000 Domains90210
8 WN.tv $7,000 Pvt Sale
10 Bootsversicherung.de $6,780 Sedo

Cheap domain registration, .country codes top 10, stading at No.1 is Treu.de was sold 33,900 usd.

Whonami-The meaning of domain hosting or website hosting, web hosting

Hosting (also known as cheap website hosting or cheap Web hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. In a sense, you rent space on a computer to hold your website.

Your host, the computer where your website files are stored, assigns an address (DNS) for your files to your domain name so that anyone can find your website on the Internet by typing in your domain name.Domain-and-Hosting-Services-India